Top 5 Family Tech Articles in 2015

  It's been a great year for WellConnectedMom.  We have doubled our readership and increased our reach through search engines, and social channels.  Our Mom team of Jamie Wiersma, Julie Taylor, and myself enjoy exploring different areas of family to help make family life easier. Thank you for taking the time to read our … [Read more...]

What is the Right Mobile Data Plan for You and Your Family?

by Lori Cunningham   Are you puzzled as to which mobile data plan is right for you?  Do you need a 10GB/mo mobile data plan or will 2.5GB mobile data plan be enough?  What about for your family?  How do you know what mobile data plan is right for all of you? Basically, it comes down to video usage.  Do you watch YouTube or Netflix a lot … [Read more...]

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