Weighing In on the Wireless Withings Scale

by Lori Cunningham I have been dying to try the Withing Wireless Scale for a number of years now.  I think it's so cool that it keeps track of your weight for you and through the app, you can even see a graph that shows your strides and follies.  Even better, the app is password protected!  Yeah!  The Withings WS-30 scale is Withings'  first … [Read more...]

Dieting: Armed with Knowledge

by Lori Cunningham   I'll admit it, I'm a stats junkie.  When it comes to seeing how many steps I walked in a day, hours I slept at night, even pounds I gained lost in a day, I want to know!  So when BodyMedia approached us and asked if we wanted to try out their subscription based BodyMedia LINK, I was all over it.  The BodyMedia LINK … [Read more...]

Do You Know the Code for Your Combination Lock?

By Lori Cunningham     I like to use technology whenever possible.  Why?  Because I am a tech enthusiast, and often times technology offers a "way out" if you mess up.  For instance, the "undo" button has always been one of my most favorite buttons in word processing, creating presentations, and apps.  I couldn't live without … [Read more...]

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