Turn Your Home into A Smart Home with SmartThings

  You've heard about lights automatically turning on on timers or when you enter a room.  You love the idea of pressing one button for your lights to dim and music to come on.  And wouldn't be cool if your fan or heater automatically turns on for you when the room reaches a certain temperature?  Or get notified when someone … [Read more...]

Make Your Home a Smart Home with Switchmate

  Setting up your home as a smart home has been all the rage these past 5+ years.  A smart home can control your lights, thermometer, music, and more.   Although many people have jumped on the Smart Home bandwagon, there are still are a number who have not due to a lack of understanding how to use it, a lack of technical … [Read more...]

Zuli Smartplug Control Your Lamps, Christmas Tree Lights, and More!

  Meet the Zuli Smartplug, which happened to make the Well Connected Mom's Top 10 Gadgets for Christmas list! It is small, sleek, easy to set up and works with your Nest Thermostat. Standard smartplugs offer the ability to turn your lamps and appliances on/off. You can even create a schedule of when you want your lights to turn on … [Read more...]

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