A Great Dual Camera Phone For Under $300

  This time of year is always tough.  It's the time when the top phone manufacturers either leak or announce the details of their latest flagship phones.  Many times you buy a phone, are super happy with it, and then they announce the latest version.  You love your current phone but....wow, look at those cool new … [Read more...]

Grads & Dads, & Cool Do-Dads 2017

  Looking for the perfect graduation and/or Father's Day present?  Who doesn't like tech?  We've tested some pretty cool gadgets that add fun and functionality to one's life.  Here are 5 great gift suggestions to get you started!   Grads & Dads & Do-Dads   Chromecast Audio Synced Stereo … [Read more...]

The New Unlocked LePro 3 Phone Big in Features, Low in Price

  Earlier this year we reported on the top trends for 2016, we discovered by attending CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in January.  One of the big trends we uncovered offers consumers a HUGE benefit - the ability to get good quality phones with lots of features, at a much lower cost...and they are unlocked, so they can be used with … [Read more...]

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