Kidzania: Amusement Park Where Kids Grow Up      

  I never thought I’d say this, but both of my kids have earned a medical degree and have already performed their first surgery.  My daughter performed a kidney replacement on a patient after my son administered the anesthesia.  It was a proud moment as my husband and I looked on. How old are my children you … [Read more...]

When Off the Grid, Spot Gen 3 Checks in with Family!

    If a family member likes to hike, bike, or camp off the cell phone grid - you know how scary it can be when you haven't heard from them in a while.  If you are the one camping, it can be equally scary having an emergency with no working cell phone.  Now there is an affordable solution!  The Spot Gen 3 tracker … [Read more...]

The Perfect Selfie Stick

Selfies are growing up.  Now, it's not enough to just take a picture of yourself, but your family or friends too!  But getting everyone in the shot is tough, your arm just isn't long enough!  And even if you do get everyone in the picture, forget trying to show the scenery behind you! Beginning in 2007, XShot built their entire … [Read more...]

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