5 Gadgets To Help Organize Your Life

  Your kids are back to school, you likely had a busy Summer, and now you're gearing up for an even busier Fall.  We know, we are doing the same.  With late practices, games, carpooling, conflicting schedules, work schedules, and special school nights, it's time to organize your life to make things go more smoothly. We compiled … [Read more...]

Why My Family Loves Our Central Vacuum

  For kids, cleaning and fun go together like water and oil. Chore time is often met with groans of contempt, but that doesn’t mean our children shouldn’t feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to household duties. In fact, HOW we present housework is just as important as the actual jobs we’re asking our kids to do. One way I … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gadget Sure to Clean Up Your Husband’s Act

Do you have a husband who prides himself on how clean and organized the garage is?  Perhaps it's one of the few areas of the house he feels he has control over.  We published our Dads, Grads, and Cool-Do-Dads article with some great suggestions for Dads...and Grads.  But we recently stumbled upon another great find that we think will be right up … [Read more...]

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