Valentine’s Day Gadgets for the Loves in Your Life

    Love is definitely in the air!  We all have loves in our life - our significant other, our children, our mom, our dad, our best friends.  Love surrounds us all.  There's nothing wrong with flowers and chocolate, how can you go wrong?  But if you'd like to leave a lasting impression, we gathered … [Read more...]

Best Phone Chargers: Reeljuice and Ventev

  What are the best phone chargers?  Well, chargers are one of those items that we don't get all excited about - waiting on pins and needles for the newest release.  However, the moment your phone starts beeping that warning sound - the "you have less than 5% battery left" - you start scrambling to find the closest charger.  … [Read more...]

Charging Up with Ventev’s Powercell 6000+ Power Charger

  Summertime is just around the corner which means road trips for our family. We plan to take an iPhone, 2 iPods, an iPad, the IdeaPLAY tablet and the Kobo Arc tablet. On previous road trips, our biggest dilemma was how we kept our navigation system (the iPhone) charged for the full day so that we didn’t get lost in the late afternoon. … [Read more...]

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