Interact With Your Pet While You Are Away With the Petzi Treat Cam!

Check in with Your Pet While at Work! If you are like most pet owners, you wonder what Fido does all day while you are at work.  Hopefully, he is not ripping apart your pillows or eating your baseboards!  Now you can check in with your dog or cat throughout the day with a new product called the Petzi Treat Cam.  Petzi is a camera … [Read more...]

Stream Live Video from Your Home

by Lori Cunningham   Don't you hate it when you find dishes on the counter and you ask which one of your kids left them out only to get the all too familiar reply, "not me"?  Or you find the TV left on...which apparently "not me" left on?  Are you curious what your dog or cat does all day... sit around or does s/he tend to get a little … [Read more...]

Extend your Camera’s Reach and Perspective with the xshot 2.0

by Mike Bowser   Editor's Note:  Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Circle of Mom's Top 25 Tech Moms.  Thanks to your support, we were voted as #11!  Last year we were # 15. Also, we are very pleased to give away 5 FREE copies of Wondershare’s DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe.  See our review to sign up to win … [Read more...]

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