Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Loves in Your Life 2013

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by Lori Cunningham



Love is in the air.  Don’t you just love Valentine’s Day?  A great day to focus on the ones you love.  Somehow, Valentine’s has become very commercialized over the years where giving your heart to someone is followed up with a box of chocolates, expensive roses, or even a gadget?    If you feel so inclined to gift your sweethearts (husband, kids, nanny, etc), we have compiled a list of gadget accessory gifts to give you some food for thought.


cy0814-tubemap_3CES 1-10-2013 (15)

Cygnett Phone Cases

Cygnett  has a number of fun, international cases that are sure to make a phone stand out.  Having traveled in Britain, I particularly liked the TubeMap case, which reminds me of the hustle and bustle of traveling in a foreign country with a well-worn Tube map.  The TubeMap Case above for the Samsung Galaxy III sells for $29.99 through the Cygnett website, though you can get it for about half that price for a iPhone 4, 4S, and iPhone 5.  They have a bunch of fun British focused cases to support your wanderlust.


enercell Car Charger Lightning Connector - RadioShack (1)

enercell Car Charger with Lightning Connector

Know someone who has the latest iPhone 5?  You can be sure that they now are in need of a charging makeover.  No longer will all the cables and chargers they own work on their new phone.  Radio Shack specializes in accessories for phones and they recently introduced their enercell Car Charger with Lightning Connector.  This will keep your sweetheart charged up.  The enercell Car Charger with Lightning  Connector sells for $32.99 through RadioShack.com.

Flygrip One-Handed Smart Grip

Flygrip is a “holder” device.  It helps you get a better grip on your phone and gives you confidence in carrying your phone with less fear of dropping it.  It’s a very comfortable way to carry your phone.  Flygrip sells for $29.95.  A little pricey, but right now they are having a promotion where you can get a free matching phone case with your purchase.  Although they don’t have many phone models listed for the free case,you can e-mail them and they can get a matching case for your Flygrip.
PointMobl Impact Resistant Glass Shield - Radio Shack (1)

PointMobl Glass Shield

The PointMobl Glass Shield is a different type of screen saver in that it is made out of glass.  So its look and feel appears as if it is your phone itself.  Yet, the shield is completely responsive to your touch.  It is very scratch-resistant and impact-resistant.  Should you drop your phone, your phone’s glass is likely to be safe.  The PointMobl Glass Shield is available for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 and sells for $39.99 at Radio Shack.


Beaded Earphones CES 1-10-2013 (82)

Honorable Mention:  385 Audio Beaded Earphones

I found these earphones from 385Audio  at the Consumer Electronics Show last month and loved them.  Finally a cool way to wear earphones and look fashionable too.  I can see wearing these around town, even perhaps at the office…they’re kinda disguised, it just might work!  Unfortunately, these are not available on the market yet.  They will be available later this year and currently they have three styles, though I anticipate more are on the way.  To keep posted on their progress, follow 385 Audio’s blog.




*  I was given a sample of each of these items, except the beaded earphones, to try out.  All opinions posted here are my own.

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