PlayCorner TV Provides Young Children with Safe YouTube Videos

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By Jamie Wiersma


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Ok, I admit it.  As a busy mom, there are times when I use the iPad to distract my little one because I need him to be quiet at a meeting that I have to go to, have to get something done at home, or need him to be good at the grocery store. When I heard about the PlayCorner TV app and how it utilizes safe YouTube videos in a kids focused environment, I was intrigued.  The app collects and organizes digital content from safe YouTube videos for toddlers and preschoolers so that parents can feel safe handing over their phone or iPad. What makes the app unique is that it allows the child to enter into his own little mini safe YouTube video world and can maneuver through tons of video options that are all safe for kids to view.


YouTube Safe Videos

Kids can choose from a variety of topics like their favorite TV characters and shows, animals and different learning concepts. In addition, as the child uses the app, PlayCorner TV adjusts the order of the viewing choices according to what they have picked in the past. For example, if your little one loves “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” like mine does, it will adjust so that the icon for that show appears as the first option under the Choose tab.

PlayCorner TV is very conscious of safety, educational quality and appropriateness for your little one.  The safe YouTube videos that they allow into the app are carefully filtered and evaluated. In addition, they have built into the app an option that allows parents to block a video from their device, unblock it if they choose, review any blocked video, and report a video to PlayCorner.

Ryker with Play Corner


Like I said at the beginning, this app works great when you need to distract your preschooler for a little while.

There are a few things that you need to be aware of before you purchase it.

First of all, in order for the app to work, you need to have access to Wi-Fi. So, if you are using an iPad that doesn’t have a 3G data plan, the app will not work when you are out and about. If you are worried about the amount of data that you use each month, you also would not want to use this app when running errands.

The other thing I noticed is that while they did have educational videos available to choose from, my toddler typically chose the cartoon videos of the characters that he knows from TV because the educational videos were not interactive like other apps.


A Mom’s PerspectiveWellConnectedMom LOGO MOM

The PlayCorner TV app does exactly what it claims to do – it provides a safe environment for a child to watch and explore safe YouTube videos.  It is especially useful for those times when, as a mom, you just need a little bit of time to get something done. It is well worth the $1.99 price tag and is available for purchase in the iTunes App Store.


What programs do you use to give your child options to watch videos on your mobile apps?







* I was given a copy of the PlayCorner TV app in exchange for my honest opinions.


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