Lori Cunningham

Lori and her husband have two wonderful young children, ages 6 and 9.   As a mom, Lori is always looking to find new ways technology can help her with her over scheduled life. She started the WellConnectedMom.com to share her passion for technology with other moms who love technology or may be intimidated by  it.   WellConnectedMom.com reviews gadgets, websites, and other technology products to decrease the learning curve of using these products while increasing interest for moms.

Lori loved her local Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS) group but has recently graduated as her son is now in 1st grade.  She has been a member for 7 years and still loves sharing the joys and trials of motherhood with other moms.   Lori has a master’s degree from University of Southern California (USC) in Communications Management (Technology) and a BS from University of California Riverside in Business (marketing).  She worked for Nestle USA for twelve years in sales, brand marketing, IT, and e-business marketing consulting.

Hailed as a “technology guru” by EveryDay Parenting radio, Lori consults with businesses to ensure moms understand how to gain the maximum benefit from their products.

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Contributing Writers


 Jamie Wiersma

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Jamie Wiersma is mom of three boys (ages 8, 5 and 1 ½) that constantly keep her
on the move.  She works part-time at her church as Director of Worship Arts.  She
also teaches piano lessons out of her home in the afternoons.  Jamie earned her
BA in Music Education from Azusa Pacific University and feels blessed to be able
to use her degree part-time while still enjoying a schedule that allows her to be
home with her children quite a bit.  As a busy mom, Jamie enjoys connecting with
other moms with the help of MOPS (Mothers of Prechoolers) which she has been
a member and active leader of since it began at her church 6 years ago.

Jamie’s hobbies include music, digital scrapbooking, crafting things (specifically
for the home), and spending quality time with her family and friends.  She
enjoys the opportunity to try out new gadgets and games that are family
friendly and loves working with her new WellConnectedMom community.


Kim Bowser

Kim is a mom of 4 boys ages 13, 7, 5 and 3. She graduated from UCSD with a degree in Biology, but has been a stay at home mom to her boys since. She is the Coordinator for MOPS (Mother’s of preschoolers) and enjoys giving back to a group that was a lifesaver for her. Recently Kim started her own business with Arbonne, a health and wellness company and enjoys helping others take better care of themselves and helping them become educated about the things we consume. Kim enjoys running, hanging out with her family and scrapbooking when she can find time! With a tech savvy husband I am always amazed at how much technology is constantly growing and all that it can do!



Mike Bowser

Married to Kim Bowser, another of our contributors, Mike is a busy father of 4 and a gamer at heart.  Mike thrives on technology both at work and at home.  Mike is a Software Programmer for Safeway (Vons) working on their card marketing program known as “Just for You.”  He also teaches classes part-time as a Professor for ITT Technical Institute.  As Mike says, “some people who work in IT for a living come home and don’t event want to look at their computer the rest of the day.  I work two jobs where I spend all day on the computer and I can easily come home and unwind at my desk checking up on the latest IT news or entertainment.”  Mike is a self-proclaimed nerd at heart and has been a gamer since the first Super Mario Brothers came out in 1985.





Dan Van Beek

Daniel Van Beek is a dad of boys, small business owner, and talented and creative graphic artist.  He created the company TGraphicsWest.com, a flourishing t-shirt graphics company that provides the art design and t-shirts for the Josten’s Renaissance program in public schools across the country.  Daniel recently tried out  for the show, WipeOut, as his alter-ego, Danger Dan.  His debut is set for January 20, 2011.  Dan is an avid technologist and seeks thrills and dangers through various perilous activities.







Krista Dulaney

Krista is a mother of two crazy boys under 5. She and her husband are proud to be passing their geek genes down to their boys, who have each been fluent in iPad by age 2. Krista has been a computer geek since childhood and loves seeing how her children are learning how to navigate the world of technology. She blogs at PlaydateCrashers.com and coordinates her local mom’s group in Kentucky. When she’s not online or playing with her kids, you’ll most likely find Krista immersed in a great book.


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