Does Your Child Have Trouble Taking Notes?

trouble taking notes - Echo Smartpen

Have you noticed any of the following happening with your student? S/he is having trouble keeping up in class School is over whelming because s/he is having trouble focusing on the what the teacher is saying S/he has trouble taking notes and doesn't seem to take very good notes...or any notes... in class S/he can't remember what the … [Read more...]

Great Back-to-School Savings at Walmart

back-to-school savings

It's August which means it's time to shop for Back-to-School school supplies, backpacks, and my personal favorite...electronics!  Walmart is having some pretty smashing good deals this week I wanted to share with you.  If you have a child in or heading off to college, you'll find a number of great deals to help prep your student for his/her years … [Read more...]

How To Watch Over Your Teen’s Driving

Safe Driver Car Connection

  *  As a Straight Talk Tester, I have been given monthly service and a phone to use throughout the remainder of the year.  All opinions are my own.   Does it drive you crazy when your teenage son or daughter is using your car and you have no control as to how they are driving, if they are driving somewhere else than where they … [Read more...]

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