Shooting Family Fun with the ion Action Camera

ion Action Camera

  Action cameras are all the rage.  I remember watching the recent Winter Olympics and being amazed at the footage on Kelly Clark as she expertly snowboarded the daunting half pipe run.  She had an action camera on her helmet and I felt my adrenaline pump as she pivoted each diagonal turn.  When she fell, I fell, though it didn't hurt … [Read more...]

Personalizing & Labeling Your Tech Accessories

Labeling your tech

      It's time for Back-to-School and many kids have already started.  My kids began last week.  I'm sure you noticed, as I did, the plethora of colorful choices in school supplies available today.  No longer are our kids stuck with the one color PeeChee folder's we had as children.  No school supply is left without a … [Read more...]

The Holy Grail of Screen Protectors

screen protector

As a mom of 3 boys who love to play on our family’s iPad, a main worry for me is to make sure that it is protected from the bumps and drops of those active boys. We typically have a pretty heavy duty case around it but when I need the iPad outside of its case for work purposes or to use the wireless keyboard that we have, it is somewhat of a pain … [Read more...]

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