BACtrack: Are YOU Safe to Drive?


  Have you ever been out to dinner or to a party where you had a few drinks and wondered if you were safe to drive?  Or perhaps wondered if your husband or friend were safe to drive?  You probably are safe...right? The risk is far too great to hope that you are safe to drive.  Especially with kids who count on you, it's best to be sure.  … [Read more...]

Fight Hunger, Spark Change

Fight Hunger, Spark Change Campaign

  One of the things I've noticed in working with Walmart as a Walmart Mom this past year, is how Walmart is not afraid to command change.  As the nation's largest retailer and a Fortune One company, they have a lot of pull with advertisers, suppliers, and partners. I've been impressed with Walmart's efforts to promote family friendly … [Read more...]

Need Your Help: Win a $50 Walmart Gift Card

Win a $50 Walmart Gift Card

  Win A $50 Walmart Gift Card  Hi everyone.  I need your help in filling out a brief 10 question survey for Walmart.  The information will be used in an upcoming meeting the Walmart Moms are having with Walmart executives.  You will be asked about Walmart's Savings Catcher and Site-to-Store features. Savings Catcher is a great program … [Read more...]

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