5 Gadgets To Help Organize Your Life

  Your kids are back to school, you likely had a busy Summer, and now you're gearing up for an even busier Fall.  We know, we are doing the same.  With late practices, games, carpooling, conflicting schedules, work schedules, and special school nights, it's time to organize your life to make things go more smoothly. We compiled … [Read more...]

Can Pressure Washing Actually Be Fun?

  We have been enjoying our Summer vacation.  We spent the first month with sport events and traveling.  Now we are ready to ease into the dog days of Summer.  But after a lot of running around, our backyard and cars are looking a bit dirty and dusty. It's obvious that we have a bit of cleanup to do first before we begin … [Read more...]

Dyson’s Cordless Vacuum Cuts the Cord

  I'll admit it, I'm not much of a vacuumer.  The only time I vacuum is when I know someone is coming over...which fortunately, is quite often.  I only say fortunately, because I shudder to think how bad my house would look if I didn't HAVE to vacuum. Don't get me wrong, I hate walking into the kitchen and seeing small chip bits … [Read more...]

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