Making Your Favorite Items Trackable

  We have covered using a "trackable" before, like our review of Tile, which keeps track of your belongings through a small Bluetooth device attached to your keys, purse, backpack, briefcase, dog, etc.  A trackable is a very handy piece of technology. There are growing number of trackable devices on the market, we've seen about 6-8 … [Read more...]

Charge Your Samsung Phone with Wireless Charging

  Have you tried wireless charging yet?  I've used wireless charging for my Samsung Gear S2 watch for over a year and it works great. Wireless charging is now available for phones.  I tried out the belkin Boost UP Wireless Charging Pad with my Note 5 and I love the simplicity of it.     Belkin Boost UP … [Read more...]

The New Unlocked LePro 3 Phone Big in Features, Low in Price

  Earlier this year we reported on the top trends for 2016, we discovered by attending CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in January.  One of the big trends we uncovered offers consumers a HUGE benefit - the ability to get good quality phones with lots of features, at a much lower cost...and they are unlocked, so they can be used with … [Read more...]

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